Are You Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep regularly is an important part of good health, although around 60 percent of us just don’t get enough sleep. If you are one of them, there may be reasons why you are tossing and turning, or waking up too early.

It could actually be your bedroom that is keeping you awake. If your bedroom is painted a bright color, such as red, purple or gold, it can keep you awake, as can having a television, computer or laptop in your bedroom. A light blue or green is considered to be the most relaxing color for a bedroom, otherwise a neutral color such as gray, is your best choice. Keeping the room free of clutter and making sure you aren’t too hot or too cold can also help with getting a better night’s sleep.

It may be your pre bedtime routine that is keeping you awake at night. Most of us need to wind down before we go to sleep; watching an exciting film, listening to lively music or playing computer games just before going to bed can keep you awake. Try reading in bed instead, for at least a few minutes and try going to bed and getting up at about the same time, whether or not you have to get up for work. You probably know just how hard it can be to get up at 6am on Monday morning if you slept until 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, drinking caffeine too close to bedtime can also prevent you from getting a full night’s sleep, as can smoking or drinking just before going to bed. In general, try to avoid rich or spicy foods before going to bed, as these can also keep you awake as well as play havoc with the digestive system. If you work a different shift every few days, it can make it hard to get go to sleep; the best option if practical is to try to sleep at around the same times each day. And jet lag can also mess up your sleep routine, and it can take a few days to fully recover from a trip to Europe or Asia.

If none of the above seem to apply to you, there may be other health related issues that are disrupting your sleep, such as underlying medical conditions, or certain medication. Talking to your doctor can be the first step towards sound sleep as well as good health.